Healing The Pain 'Down There'

Want The Video Guided Roadmap To Healing For Women With Persistent Pelvic, Sexual, & Genital Pain?

...With A Team Of Pelvic Health Professionals

From The Comfort & Privacy Of Your Own Home

(And even if you've been told "we can't find any reason for your pain")

Experience Hope & Healing With A Team Of Pelvic Health Professionals

Your Multi-Disciplinary Team of Pelvic Health Professionals includes:

Dr. Robert Echenberg - OB-GYN Pelvic Pain Specialist

Karen Liberi - Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

Alexandra Milspaw - Licensed Professional Counselor Specializing In Human Sexuality & Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Here's What's Inside Healing The Pain 'Down There':

Membership Portal Style Educational & Instructional Video Modules

Pelvic Pain Specialist Dr. Robert Echenberg helps you understand the science of pain (better than most docs!) and the under diagnosed triggers for pain in the pelvic region.

Healing & Therapeutic Techniques

Including Mind-Body Strategies that work. As well as pelvic floor physical therapy techniques including posture & breathing, massage, trigger point release, stretching, muscle control, strengthening and relaxation, and using dilator desensitization.

PDF Downloads & Resources

Example viewing schedule to guide your experience. Vaginal health guide to quiet the number 1 cause of entrance pain in premenopausal women. Mapping your trigger points and charting your progress. And more...

Private Facebook Group

Private online community with other women experiencing these conditions for support. Plus access to the Pain Down There Team and Clinical Guest Professionals.

300+ Members & Counting

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure, Private, Safe Access

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This groundbreaking [video series] not only educates the patient but gives them the essential tools they need to find relief..."

~ Jill Osborne, MA

ICN Founder & CEO

"I hope that many patients will learn more about the musculoskeletal sources of their pain after watching these videos. I believe the stretching and trigger point exercises are a very important resource for many women to use."

~ Frank Tu, MD

"The videos provide a comprehensive view of pain from a multi-disciplinary perspective and clear options for returning to health and well being."

~ Sandra Hilton, PT, DPT, MS

Co-Author of Why Pelvic Pain Hurts

Celeb Shout-Outs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take for me to see results?

The video series itself is only 4 hours long. However, we recommend taking in the content over time. We provide a "Viewing Guide" inside your membership portal to help you pace yourself. But you can go at whatever pace you choose, all content is made available to you from the very beginning.

What if I don't want to continue my membership after 7 days?

There is no need to cancel. Your card is not auto-charged or saved on file. We will contact you at the end of your 7 day trial with a link to purchase the full membership for $97/year if you're interested. After 7 days if you don't purchase the $97 yearly membership you will simply lose your access to the membership portal and to the private Facebook group.

What happens after 1 year? Do you automatically renew my subscription?

No. We don't store any credit card information or keep it on file. We will reach out to you when your membership is nearing an end and ask if you'd like to continue.

Is there anything else I will need to see success with this program?

Along the way in our video series we use several inexpensive and easily available items. You can find links to those items here.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! While individual results will vary, we have a 1 year, 100% money back guarantee.

This Offer Expires In:

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